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We are a premier Property Management Company specializing in managing investment property in Westwood, LA.  Property investors can trust our approach and services because we have over 20 years of experience in property management. We manage over 400 homes of every type.

Our focus for landlords is to increase income by maintaining a steady occupancy flow in the units.  We also keep a tight check on maintenance costs and ensure that professionals handle all repairs.

We value our relationships built on honesty and trust with landlords and tenants.  The personal attention we give is unsurpassed in the Westwood area.

Your property will be treated like our own – that’s our work ethic. Landlords have trusted us with their apartments, condos, townhomes and family homes for decades.   We are specialists in what we do and have been recognized as a top property management firm in Westwood.

Give us a call if you want Westwood property management services that have been tried and tested. 


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Reviews & Testimonials

Although investors in Los Angeles residential real estate, we are based overseas. So we needed a local management team that would provide a reliable and comprehensive service. Preferably a family-led operation which would also ensure continuity with the senior management. A Los Angeles realtor friend recommended Lotus. He has been proved absolutely right.

Margaret S.

We live in the San Diego area and Lotus West Properties has taken care of our building for many years. They manage all phases of the business smoothly and profitably. The building is in excellent hands.
Carol P.

My family has a portfolio of properties primarily in the Brentwood and Westwood areas of Los Angeles. Lotus West Properties has taken a huge workload off our shoulders and have done a great job managing our buildings according to our needs. Now we have more free time to take family vacations and see our grandkids, and the stress of managing these buildings is no longer our burden.
Gaby C.

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What makes Westwood an attractive option for landlords and tenants??

The biggest attraction of this area for both landlords and tenants is that it’s home to the sprawling UCLA campus. Westwood Village and the pedestrian commercial district provide all that is needed for faculty, students and their families.  The Hammer Museum, Geffen Playhouse and Fox Theater give more entertainment options.

With a population of 50 288 and growing, the rental potential in this area is enormous. There is a constant stream of requests for rentals from those associated with the campus. The median income for the area is above the rest of Los Angeles, providing a stable income base for landlords and the ability to rent upmarket properties. 

Lastly, Westwood balances academic pursuits with entertainment and nature in the form of the Westwood Recreation Center, bringing residents together in a social setting. 

What services do you provide for landlords in the Westwood area?

Our property management services include tenant screening, lease preparation, rent collection, property maintenance, financial reporting, and more.  Our management fee is 5-6% for the Westwood area and depends on the property’s location and the number of units. Annual and seasonal rates will be charged differently, and it’s best to call one of our experienced agents to discuss all your needs.

How do you determine rental prices?

We analyze market trends in the area, location, property condition, and amenities to determine the optimal rental price for your property.

How do you market rental properties?

We use a variety of marketing channels, including online listings, social media, and networking in Westwood, to attract prospective tenants.  Some online platforms we use are Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, and Apartments.  We aim to get you maximum exposure for your property. 

How often do you inspect rental properties?

We conduct routine inspections of rental properties at least once a year to ensure that they are properly maintained and to identify any potential issues.

What is your tenant screening process?

Our tenant screening process in Westwood includes a background check, credit check, employment verification, and rental history review to ensure that we select high-quality tenants.

What happens if a tenant violates the terms of their lease agreement?

If a tenant violates the terms of their lease agreement, the landlord may issue a written warning or, in some cases, seek eviction. The specifics of the violation and the consequences will depend on the terms outlined in the lease agreement and the local laws.


What kind of reports do you send to landlords? How often?

Some of the reports that we send to our Westwood property owners each month are P&L, rent collection, all banking statements, and invoice copies. If there are specific report needs, please contact our office to discuss them.

Can a landlord refuse to renew a lease agreement?

A landlord may refuse to renew a lease agreement for any reason that is not discriminatory or in violation of local fair housing laws. In most cases, the landlord must provide written notice to the tenant of their intention not to renew the lease agreement.

What happens if a tenant needs to break their lease early?

If a tenant needs to break their lease early, they may be responsible for paying the remaining rent due under the lease agreement, as well as any additional fees or penalties outlined in the lease agreement. The tenant should also provide written notice to the landlord of their intention to vacate the rental property.

How many units do you manage?

Lotus West Properties manages just under 500 properties and is growing. We are always looking for new opportunities to help property owners provide the best service and keep operating costs minimized.

Where are your buildings located?

Lotus maintains properties in Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Culver City, Venice, Westwood, and Hollywood. Contact our friendly staff and find out if Lotus West Properties manages in your area.

What are your business hours?

Our typical office hours are 9-5, but we strive to be available all the time for any emergencies.