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Lotus West Properties is a property management company with a focus on multifamily income properties in the Pacific Palisades and Los Angeles region. Our portfolio encompasses properties that we own and manage, as well as properties managed for other owners, for a total of over 400 units under management.

Our goal is to enhance the financial performance of the properties in our portfolio by implementing strategies aimed at increasing income, maintaining high occupancy rates, and reducing expenses through effective management and the use of an experienced in-house repair crew.

Maintaining professional relationships with both clients and tenants is a priority for us. We strive to maintain transparency and honesty, while providing personalized attention and care to each property under our management.

If you are a property owner in need of professional property management services, please contact us to discuss your requirements. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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Reviews & Testimonials

Although investors in Los Angeles residential real estate, we are based overseas. So we needed a local management team that would provide a reliable and comprehensive service. Preferably a family-led operation which would also ensure continuity with the senior management. A Los Angeles realtor friend recommended Lotus. He has been proved absolutely right.

Margaret S.

We live in the San Diego area and Lotus West Properties has taken care of our building for many years. They manage all phases of the business smoothly and profitably. The building is in excellent hands.
Carol P.

My family has a portfolio of properties primarily in the Brentwood and Westwood areas of Los Angeles. Lotus West Properties has taken a huge workload off our shoulders and have done a great job managing our buildings according to our needs. Now we have more free time to take family vacations and see our grandkids, and the stress of managing these buildings is no longer our burden.
Gaby C.

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Apartment Owners Association of California, Inc.

Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles

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What services does Lotus West Properties in Marina Del Rey offer?

Property Management Services offered by us include:

  • Advertising of properties on well-known rental websites and on our own website to get maximum exposure
  • Leasing of rental properties, including drawing up rental agreements
  • Collecting deposits and rent
  • Handling maintenance and repair requests
  • Conducting regular property inspections
  • Financial Management of Property
  • Property Manager responsible for specific buildings
  • Insurance Support
  • Evictions
What fees can I expect to pay for these services in Marina Del Rey?

You will pay between 5 – 6% of the value of the rental.  This is dependent on the property type and location. 

How does Lotus West property management handle tenant screening and selection?

We will conduct background checks, credit checks, and employment verifications on all potential tenants. We also meet the tenants online or personally to do a full assessment. 

How do you handle rent collection and late payments for a rental property?

Tenants can pay online or with a check, we will collect upon request. Reminders are sent to tenants overdue on rent and property managers can do a collection visit.  In the event of a tenant who consistently fails to pay rent, eviction with be discussed with the landlord.

How does Lotus West Property Management handle maintenance and repair requests?

As one of the top property management companies in the area, we have a team of professionals in Marina Del Rey that work on the buildings.  They have been vetted and approved by us for their quality of work.  We also have a list of expert contractors for specialized repair work, and they have SLAs with us that ensure work is done promptly.

Will there be someone on call in case of after-hour emergencies?

Yes.  Our office hours are 9 am – 5 pm on weekdays, but we have a team on standby to handle emergency repairs.  

How often are property inspections done?

We aim to inspect rental properties twice yearly.  This is also dependent on the duration of the lease.  We may elect to visit yearly if a tenant has a long-term lease and keeps the property in good condition. 

What is the policy for rent increases, and how are they implemented?

The policy for rent increases will vary depending on the landlord and the terms outlined in the lease agreement. Some landlords may choose to increase rent on an annual basis, while others may only raise rent every few years. In most cases, landlords are required to give tenants written notice of the rent increase at least 30 days before the effective date. The notice should include the amount of the increase and the date it will take effect.

What happens if a tenant violates the lease agreement?

In consultation with our Marina Del Rey team, you, as the landlord, can issue a written warning to the tenant.  This is done to correct the tenant’s actions, but if the violations continue, we can assist you to file for an eviction.

What is the process for renewing a lease or ending a tenancy?

The process for renewing a lease or ending a tenancy will depend on the terms outlined in the original lease agreement. In most cases, tenants must provide written notice to the landlord a certain number of days before the end of the lease term if they wish to renew the lease. If the tenant does not wish to renew, the tenancy will end on the date specified in the lease agreement. 

Who can I contact on the Marina Del Rey team if I need assistance?

Each landlord and tenant is provided with a list of contact numbers for their area.  We have a team of 10 highly skilled professionals that can assist you with any queries.

What are your business hours in Marina Del Rey?

Our typical office hours are 9-5, but we strive to be available all the time for any emergencies.

What's special about Marina Del Rey?

As the name suggests, Marina Del Rey is a major boating and water entertainment destination in LA.  Synonymous with a yachting lifestyle, the harbor area is the playground of many famous celebrities and business people.

Mesmerizing sunsets and cool ocean breezes captivate the imagination as life is celebrated from sunrise to sunset with lavish cuisine and water-focused entertainment.

Residents of the area can enjoy shopping at the Farmer’s market, dinner-dance cruises and day trips on one of the many yachts that offer these services. 

With housing prices set to increase marginally, Marina Del Rey has some good house-flipping prospects.  Long-term investments will yield a more favorable outlook, as the area remains a high-income neighborhood for the foreseeable future.

Apartment complexes dotted around the marina provide short and long-term rentals for those that want to call the Marina their home.  Prospective tenants can find a home to match every budget by browsing our rental offers

Contact us if you have investment properties or commercial buildings and want the best Marina Del Rey Property Management team in LA.  Our reputation speaks for itself.