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Lotus West Properties is on a mission to revolutionize property management for multifamily income properties in Mar Vista and the greater Los Angeles area! With a portfolio of over 400 units, we’re experts at bringing out the best in every property we manage.

Our focus is simple – to help your property reach its full potential! Whether it’s boosting income, keeping occupancy rates high, or streamlining expenses, we’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to help your property succeed. And, with our in-house repair crew, you can trust that every building under our care is always in top shape.

But that’s not all – we believe in building long-lasting relationships with both our clients and tenants. We’re all about honesty, transparency, and giving each property the special attention it deserves.

So, if you’re a property owner looking for a team that will treat your building like their own, look no further! Get in touch with us today and let’s make your property shine!

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Reviews & Testimonials

Although investors in Los Angeles residential real estate, we are based overseas. So we needed a local management team that would provide a reliable and comprehensive service. Preferably a family-led operation which would also ensure continuity with the senior management. A Los Angeles realtor friend recommended Lotus. He has been proved absolutely right.

Margaret S.

We live in the San Diego area and Lotus West Properties has taken care of our building for many years. They manage all phases of the business smoothly and profitably. The building is in excellent hands.
Carol P.

My family has a portfolio of properties primarily in the Brentwood and Westwood areas of Los Angeles. Lotus West Properties has taken a huge workload off our shoulders and have done a great job managing our buildings according to our needs. Now we have more free time to take family vacations and see our grandkids, and the stress of managing these buildings is no longer our burden.
Gaby C.

Proud Members of:

Apartment Owners Association of California, Inc.

Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles

California Rental Housing Association

National Apartment Association

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Forbes Councils, LLC.

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How much does property management cost in the Mar Vista area ?

Lotus West Properties charges a management fee of 5-6% for the management of Mar Vista rental properties. This amount may vary between situations based on the number of units and the location of your property. For detailed property management pricing information, contact our Mar Vista specialists and let us walk you through our process.

What services does Lotus West Properties offer?

Our Mar Vista property management services include:

  • Advertising of properties on well-known rental websites and our own website to get maximum exposure
  • Leasing of rental properties, including drawing up rental agreements
  • Collecting deposits and rent
  • Handling maintenance and repair requests
  • Conducting regular property inspections
  • Financial Management of Property
  • Property Manager responsible for specific buildings
  • Insurance Support
  • Evictions
Can you be more specific about the sites you advertise on?

Sure. We will list your property on real estate platforms such as Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, and Apartments.  We also use our own website, which has a good traffic volume. 

What types of properties do you manage?

We manage single family homes, condos, apartments, studios and commercial properties.  Contact us to discuss the type of investment you have and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

How does Lotus West property management handle tenant screening and selection?

We will conduct background checks, credit checks, and employment verifications on all potential tenants. Our team shows Mar Vista property listings in person or via Facetime so we can be there for any questions or concerns. The Property Manager will conduct tenant screening from the word go to ensure everyone’s needs are met.

How do you handle rent collection and late payments for a rental property?

Tenants can pay rent via the online portal or with a check that we will collect upon request. Reminders are sent to tenants that are overdue on rent and property managers can do a collection visit.  In the event of a tenant who consistently fails to pay rent, eviction with be discussed with the landlord.

How does Lotus West Property Management handle maintenance and repair requests?

We have a team of professionals in Mar Vista that work on the buildings.  They have been vetted and approved by us for their quality of work.  We also have a list of expert contractors for specialized repair work and they have SLAs with us that ensure work is done in a timely manner. 

What happens if a tenant violates the lease agreement?

In consultation with our team, property owners can issue a written warning to the tenant.  This is done to correct the tenant’s actions, but if the violations continue, we can assist you in filing for an eviction.

WWhat financial reports can I expect as a landlord?

As a property owner, you will be provided with a profit and loss statement, invoices, a record of payments and a consolidation of rent payments monthly.  We also pay all invoices so that you don’t have to worry about keeping track of payments. 

Who can I contact on the Mar Vista team if I need assistance?

Our focus is to make your life easier as an owner.  We do this with our team of 10 highly skilled rental experts.  Each landlord and tenant is given a list of contact numbers.

What are your business hours in Mar Vista?

Our typical office hours are 9-5, but we strive to be available all the time for any emergencies.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, Lotus West Properties is licensed and insured. We take great care to ensure that everything is by the books and exactly as it should be when managing your property.

What's special about Mar Vista?

Mar Vista is situated on the Westside of Los Angeles, sharing borders with Culver City, Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey.  The area was developed between the 1950s to 1970s as low-cost housing.  But recently, it has become a firm favorite in the renovation market.

The area south of Venice Boulevard is densely populated, with apartment blocks providing accommodation for long-term renters. 

The neighborhood offers its highly-educated residents in their mid-20s the opportunity to enjoy the company of other alumni.  Mar Vista holds the highest number of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree holders in the county.  

Packed with coffee shops, specialty dessert stores, restaurants and parks, Mar Vista offers students and older residents a good balance between work and leisure. If you love the beach, you won’t be disappointed as Venice Beach and Santa Monica are mere minutes away.  Mar Vista is Spanish for a view of the sea – and what a view it is!

If the idea of a quiet residential neighborhood, with tree-lined streets and a focus on education and enjoying life sounds good to you – then come and make Mar Vista your home.

Contact us if you own a Mar Vista rental property and want the best Property Management Services in LA.  Our reputation speaks for itself.