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Lotus West Properties is the premier property management company for multifamily income properties in the greater Los Angeles area. We have a portfolio of properties that we own and manage, as well as properties that we manage for other owners. We currently manage over 400 units and are constantly adding new clients. We focus on maximizing cash flow by increasing income and maintaining high occupancy rates, and reducing expenses through efficient management and utilizing our experienced in-house repair crew.

Our main priority is maintaining an honest and trustworthy relationship with our clients as well as our tenants, while giving each and every building that we manage the personal attention and care that they deserve.

If you own an income property of any size, and are looking for someone to take care of your building as if it was their own, please contact us to discuss your needs.

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Although investors in Los Angeles residential real estate, we are based overseas. So we needed a local management team that would provide a reliable and comprehensive service. Preferably a family-led operation which would also ensure continuity with the senior management. A Los Angeles realtor friend recommended Lotus. He has been proved absolutely right.

Margaret S.

We live in the San Diego area and Lotus West Properties has taken care of our building for many years. They manage all phases of the business smoothly and profitably. The building is in excellent hands.
Carol P.

My family has a portfolio of properties primarily in the Brentwood and Westwood areas of Los Angeles. Lotus West Properties has taken a huge workload off our shoulders and have done a great job managing our buildings according to our needs. Now we have more free time to take family vacations and see our grandkids, and the stress of managing these buildings is no longer our burden.
Gaby C.

Proud Members of:

Apartment Owners Association of California, Inc.

Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles

California Rental Housing Association

National Apartment Association

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Forbes Councils, LLC.

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LA moratorium to go, but “just cause” eviction rules to come

LA moratorium to go, but “just cause” eviction rules to come

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Rent Control Often Hurts Not Helps

Rent Control Often Hurts Not Helps

Rent Control Often Hurts Not Helps The housing crisis in California continues to spiral out of control with little to no real effort being made to address the problem using practical, effective solutions. Neglect, poor planning, and a lack of important services for...

The Status of Rent Increases in California

The Status of Rent Increases in California

The Status of Rent Increases in California Landlords and property owners who had a difficult time navigating through the pandemic and the rent moratoriums imposed upon them for the past two years may finally be getting some relief as rent increases are now allowed to...

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How much does property management Cost in Brentwood?

Lotus West Properties typically applies a fee of 5-6% for the management of Brentwood properties. This fee may change, however, depending on the number of units and location of the property. To find the most accurate property management pricing information, contact our Brentwood leasing and management experts. They can provide you with a cost breakdown and give you any additional information you need.

How much do you charge for leasing vacancies?

Vacancy leasing with Lotus West Properties in Brentwood varies by property but might be complementary, depending on your building situation. For a vacancy leasing pricing plan, contact our Brentwood property managers today.

What methods do you use for listing vacancies?

We use the most popular search methods to list your Brentwood locations, including posting the rental on Zillow, Apartments, HotPads, and Trulia for maximum exposure. We also post the vacancies on our companies website and forward the listing to prospective buyers from other rentals. Our goal is to keep your property full of quality tenants!

How do you show your vacancies? Lockbox? In-person? Remote?

Our Brentwood property managers always show the apartment in-person or via Facetime to offer a friendly, personable experience. By meeting all of our potential renters, we get a feel for who they are and build a comfortable relationship from the start.

What kind of services can you provide?

Our Brentwood property managers can help you with just about anything you need to successfully run a property. Here are some of our Brentwood property management services:

    • Collect rent from tenants
    • Repair and maintain units
    • Remodel units as needed
    • Oversee ADU construction
    • Maintain property insurance
    • Upkeep common areas
    • Pay invoices
    • Oversee retrofitting
    • Collect rental deposits
    • Communicate with vendors
    • Communicate with tenants
    • Bookkeeping and leasing responsibilities
Do you own any of the buildings you manage?

Lotus maintains ownership of some of the buildings we rent, but you would never know the difference. We treat every building that we manage with the same respect and priority, whether we own it or manage the building for a client.

Who do you use for repairs?

The majority of repairs at Lotus West Properties are completed by our team of expert handymen. This helps us keep repairs timely and cost-effective. For larger repairs and permit-related maintenance, we hire licensed contractors. Lasting relationships let Lotus in on the best deals and priority service.

How many people work in your company?

Lotus West properties has approximately ten Brentwood property management experts on our team.

How much do you markup for repairs and materials?

At Lotus West Properties, you pay the base price for repairs, not a marked-up version. Our Brentwood property managers only collect payment through monthly management fees, never by over-charging for upkeep. Our honest, consistent pricing keeps your operating costs to a minimum.

What software do you use for bookkeeping?

Lotus West Properties uses QuickBooks to manage all of our Brentwood property finances. This system gives us flexibility and stability between all of our properties.

What kind of reports do you send? How often?

We keep all of the Brentwood property owners that we work within the loop with monthly P&L, rent collection, banking, and invoice statements. Our Brentwood property management team ensures that both sides are organized and prepared with all of the necessary documentation.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Brentwood tenants are welcome to pay on our website through the payment portal. Renters may also submit a check through the mail or request that payment is picked up from their property.

How many units do you manage?

Our Brentwood property managers diligently care for approximately 500 properties. We provide dedicated, professional service to each property on an individualized basis.

How many buildings do you manage?

Our Property management experts are in charge of the success of 34 buildings and counting. Our property management services let us provide renters and owners with a fluid, pleasant experience.

Where are your buildings located?

Lotus maintains properties in West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Culver City, Venice, Westwood, And Hollywood. Contact our friendly staff and find out if Lotus West Properties manages in your area.

What are your business hours?

Our typical office hours are 9-5, but we strive to be available all the time for any emergencies.

If there is an emergency after hours will someone respond?

If you are ever in an emergency, our team will be available. We provide tenants with phone numbers and emails for both the staff and handymen, so there will be someone to help when you need it.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, Lotus West Properties is licensed and insured. We take great care to ensure that everything is by the books and exactly as it should be when managing your Brentwood property. Talk to our professionals today if you have any questions regarding our credentials or insurance policies. We are happy to fill you in and make you feel comfortable about the property management experience.

Are you good at dealing with problem tenants?

Yes, our highly professional staff excels in tough tenant situations so you don’t have to. We welcome the chance to help every tenant until their departure, even if they’re troublesome.

Are you familiar with current eviction laws and legislation?

Lotus West Properties has extensive knowledge regarding up-to-date tenant eviction laws and legislation. The owner of Lotus is a member of the AAGLA (Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles) and is constantly cited for his knowledge on trending issues and important real estate matters.